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House of Fun – How To Get Free Coins And Spins

If you’re reading this, then you probably know what House of Fun is all about. It seems to be the latest trend when it comes to mobile betting apps. The app allows you to play video-slots that closely mirror those of the real casinos. And all that can be experienced on your portable device.

So, what makes House of Fun so popular? Simply put, it’s free, therefore, it gets the attention. Moreover, you get the exact same experience as if you were playing a real slot machine in a real casino.

However, as is the case with almost every other game nowadays, the developers loaded it with microtransactions. That’s how the developers compensate for its free status – by giving you a limited number of coins and spins in the beginning. The app itself is free, but the House of Fun coins aren’t always. You can, of course, purchase more but we doubt that it’s in your interest to do so. One of the possible solutions is to use a House of Fun Bonus Collector (more on that later).

Before we move on to the part where we discuss other ways of obtaining free coins and spins, we’ll briefly state why you need them.

Why You Need House of Fun Coins and Spins

Have you ever downloaded and played any app or game from the App Store/Google Play? If you have, you already know that there needs to be some sort of currency within it. Most games require you to have a specific amount of in-game currency in order to unlock other levels and make progress. In House of Fun, it’s no different. You can purchase new levels with coins and the number of spins increases your chances to earn more coins and experience points. Everything’s connected in a loop.

When it comes to possible ways of obtaining free House of Fun coins and spins, several come to mind. They’re quite straightforward and easy to do.

The Many Ways to Get Coins and Spins

Promotional Packs - One of the ways to get a considerable amount of free House of Fun coins is to simply follow the developer’s blogs and social media. They tend to create events which often feature certain promotional packages and daily bonuses. ‘House of Fun Bonus Collector’ is one of those promotional giveaways. You can only pick up this bonus once because it expires soon. However, the developers of the game have these events all the time. You’ll probably have to input your information and complete a certain task such as commenting, liking, and sharing in order to apply for it. Once you do that, your House of Fun Bonus Collector will appear in the form of a notification. The only thing left to do is to claim it.

In-game Conversion - An interesting thing that the game allows you to do is to convert the currencies one into another. Let’s say that you’re short on coins (you want more than 50) or you need more spins. What you can do is to simply convert each spin into a coin or vice versa. One spin equals two coins, but that may change from time to time.

Get Free Coins By Leveling Up - What this does is offer you a chance to acquire unlimited free House of Fun coins. As you play these games, you continually level up your status. The higher the status, the more free spins and coins you can get. For example, bronze status gives you 250 coins, silver gives you between 250 and 100,000, etc. There are 7 levels in total, the last one being ‘black diamond’. House of Fun even has special bonuses regarding leveling up. For instance, each time you reach an even level, you double the number of coins that you get for leveling up.

Using In-game Free Chests and Starter Packs - Another way of collecting free House of Fun coins is to make sure that you don’t miss any of the starter bonuses when you start playing. The procedure is similar to the one that you use in order to apply for ‘House of Fun Bonus Collector’. Each new player is awarded 1,000 coins to get him/her started. Furthermore, you’ll get 100 spins which will help you through the first levels of the game. For a start, this is a considerable amount. If you think that is not enough, there’s something else you can do.

You can get another special 1,000 coins by linking your Facebook profile with the game. It will ask for a permission to use some of your data but it won’t post anything on your profile

You can also pay attention to free chests that the game has. Every day, you’ll have a chance to open one of these chests and receive various bonuses. The bonuses are completely random so you never know what you’ll get.

Using an Online Coin Generator

Using online coin generators to get free House of Fun coins is one of those more complicated methods. It’s essentially a cheat since you don’t get the coins in-game or through the developer’s social media events. However, it’s worth the effort and you should definitely give it a go.

Here’s how it works. First, you need to input your username and the operating system of the device that you’re using. Second, you input the desired number of coins in the appropriate field. You might be prompted to fill in a survey in order to verify that you’re human.

In some cases, a website might ask you to complete a survey before you start using the generator. Additionally, it might ask you to download a couple of applications. After you go through these steps, the desired amount of coins should be linked with your game profile.

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