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Are you left behind in the game? Well try our Marvel Contest of Champions Online Generator to get unlimited free gold and units. Enjoy!

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About Marvel Contest of Champions Game

Since superheroes are super-popular lately, superhero games have gained in popularity as well. After the latest Avengers movie, it’s no wonder Marvel Contest of Champions has got its renaissance. However, with great power, come great prices, and everyone hates paying for games. If you hate it too, you will love our Marvel Contest of Champions hack and cheats that bring unlimited units, gold, and crystals.

When this iOS and Android game first came out, it wasn’t a hit. However, as Marvel movies started gaining more and more popularity, this fighting game got another chance. Mobile phone gamers from all over the world began installing it. We were among those “second wave” players. We just wanted to play some of our favorite Marvel characters.

Once you install the game, you get a task from the Collector to gather a team of top MCU characters, heroes and villains alike, and make them fight in series of duels. We love how this game is all about gathering your characters to fight against other famous comic heroes. You can gather heroes and villains, and each has its strengths, weaknesses, and their unique special attacks.

The gameplay is accessible, graphics are amazing, and there’s a vast roster of characters you can collect. All of this combined with quests and alliance battles that take place in iconic Marvel locations makes this game inevitably addictive. Over 50 million downloads on Play Store alone speaks volumes to confirm that claim.

Each character can be upgraded, leveled and ranked up, from Wolverine and Captain America to Spiderman and Star-Lord.

The combat in this game is pretty similar to Mortal Kombat, you’re in a one versus one battle arena, and you fight your opponent with your character’s abilities. What people really like here, is the fact that you don’t have to remember all the complicated combos. For a light attack, you need to tap anywhere on the screen. For a medium attack, you have to swipe to the right side of your screen. If you want to go for a heavy attack, you hold two fingers on the right side of the screen. To block – two fingers on the left side. If you want to dodge, you swipe the left side of the screen. And finally, if you want to use your character’s special move, you just need to tap the colored bar in the corner.

This game is simple, fast-paced, exciting, and user-friendly. You won't be able to resist it. But, unfortunately, this incredibly engaging game has a serious flaw. You have to pay for many of the features. There are situations where the fact that you don’t want to spend real money will affect the gameplay and your results. There are characters that you can only unlock if you use in-game currency. Wer don’t really want to pay to play, so this would be a huge minus in our book if we didn’t find a way to make Marvel Contest of Champions hacks.

We hate being unable to progress in a game just because we don’t want to waste our hard-earned money. So how can you get everything you need to play this game without breaking the bank? How can you get Marvel Contest of Champions unlimited resources?/p>

Simply use the online generator before you, and you can have all the resources you need within minutes.

Resources you will need in this game

Contest of Champions Units – This currency is rather important, as it allows you to buy new arenas. You can collect them by winning battles in Versus and Arena modes, or you can buy them.

As these are among the most important currencies in the game, having a bunch of them is a must. Now, while it is possible to gather these throughout the game, if you like advancing as quickly as possible, you’ll want a Marvel Contest of Champions hack that can get you free units.

Contest of Champions Gold – You use this resource to level up your characters and to rank them up. You can get gold from the Arena and Gold crystals.

You only get so much gold throughout the game, and if you don’t like grinding all day long, or spending your cash, a shortcut like a good hack will do a lot.

Contest of Champions Crystals – The most crucial in-game resource. They can influence everything you do in this game. You get some for free; some have to be bought.

The others

Battle chips – These will let you buy new arenas, and you can gather them by winning in the Versus or the Arena mode.

Iso-8 – This resource lets you level up your champs, but since there are different tiers, this can get a bit complicated.

Crystal Shards – You get this resource by competing in Arena events, or by selling duplicate champs. When you have enough, you can make a crystal.

Alliance Loyalty – This resource is something you get after you help a member of your alliance. Once you gather 1000 of these, you can form an Alliance Crystal.

Marvel Contest of Champions Tips & Tricks

Earning resources - When you start playing this game, you should be aware it’s freemium, and that is ok. There are dozens of similar phone games that don’t require you to spend real money, and that let you earn enough through watching ads, etc. However, this is not such a game. Here, you need to pay for everything that you want to do.

So, if you don’t want to pay, and you don’t want to use Marvel Contest of Champions cheats, all you can do is grind.

* – Claim your crystals every 4 hours, and make sure to complete every quest that rewards you with crystals.

* – Always consider special abilities before you enter a fight – both of your champ, and of your opponent’s.

* – Find an Alliance as soon as possible. Being in one will enable you to get special rewards.

* – Check your stash, so it doesn’t get full. Some items you get can wait a while, but they do have an expiration date.

You’re wondering how to get all those free resources we’re talking about?

Just use this online generator. Security is our primary concern here, so that it doesn’t have to be yours. All you have to provide in order to get free resources is your game email or username. Each time you use the Marvel Contest of Champions Online Generator, you will receive free Gold and Units.

Our only advice before you start is to try not to overdo it. Don’t give yourself too many resources in one go, or the game moderators might detect it.

Have fun!

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