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Steam Screenshot Folder

How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder

Steam is a game client that can be also used for screenshots. It allows you to hit the F12 key on the keyboard within...
Steam Download Stopping

Fix: Steam Download Stopping

Every day, we see more and more reports from the users of Steam who claim that their Steam download keeps on stopping. For some...
Steam Bootstrapper Client

How to Fix Steam Client Bootstrapper Isn’t Responding Issue

Among Steam users, it happens very often that their Steam client Bootstrapper stops working. That is because Bootstrapper is originally the service you use...
Steam Missing File Privileges

Fix: Steam Missing File Privileges Error

One of the errors you might get while attempting to update a game on Steam is “Missing File Privileges.” The error will also show...
Steam Content File Locked

Fix: Steam Content File Locked

From time to time, when you are trying to update a game from Steam, you might get an error message. The window that pops...

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