What is WSAPPX and How to Fix its High Disk Usage Issue

If you own a Windows 10/8 computer, there is a chance that you are experiencing certain issues with WSAPPX.

WSAPPX is a background process that allows you to use the Windows Store, as well as the Universal app platform. You can use it to perform installations, install updates, and uninstall different Store apps. However, after that, you don’t have to keep it running. It can use up your high disk, memory or CPU.

Excessive Disk Usage Issue: There are three methods that can help you solve this particular problem.

FIX #1: Increase Your Computer’s Virtual Memory

You can expand the virtual memory on your computer by following these steps:

  1. Type Performance in Start Search. Select Adjust Appearance vs. Performance in Windows.
  2. Go to Advanced tab.
  3. Select Virtual Memory Click Change.Virtual Memory
  4. Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.
  5. Pick a drive (where you installed the OS) and click Custom size.
  6. Set Initial size to your RAM size in MB. Double the amount and set Maximum size.
  7. Select Set and OK. Restart your computer.

FIX #2: Try Disabling the Windows Store App

There are two ways you can achieve this:

Group Policy Editor Method

  1. Search for gpedit.msc in the search bar. Click on it – it will open Local Group Policy Editor.
  2. Navigate to Computer Configuration. Click on Administrative Templates.
  3. Double-click Windows Components. Double-click Store.
  4. Look for the Turn Off Store application setting.Turn of Windows store
  5. Click Enable and Apply.

Registry Editor Method

If your computer doesn’t have the Group Policy Editor, you can use your Registry Editor to fix the issues. However, remember to backup your data before you start.

  1. Search for regedit in Start Search and open the Registry Editor.
  2. Look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsStore key.
  3. Create a new DWORD value. Label it RemoveWindowsStore. Its value should be ‘1’. You’ll have to create the Windows Store key if you cannot find it.

Afterward, you should restart your device.

Disabling the Windows Store means that you cannot install or update third-party apps. When you try to use the Store app after implementing these methods, you will get the following notification:

Windows Store isn’t available on this PC. Contact your system administrator for more information.

Bear in mind that certain apps like Calculator, Mail, OneNote, Photos and Movies & TV need automatic updates. Updating happens through the Windows Store, so you shouldn’t disable it if you still want to receive updates.

FIX #3: Perform a Clean Boot & Troubleshoot

If the previous two methods fail, you can always do a Clean Boot of your device. That way, Windows will use just a couple of basic driver sets, as well as a few startup programs. Therefore, you can try to remove the issue manually if it is caused by the startup programs.


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